Accept trips from multiple sources



Accept trips from passengers who call in over the phone. Record information quickly and easily using our simple trip manager form. More info



DispatchBot can automatically import trips from all major brokers. Logisticare, MTM, Access2Care, Southeastrans, Sysmed and many more are already supported. We add additional brokers at no additional charge to you!



Accept trips through your website. Passengers can enter their trip information on the web and have it automatically sent to DispatchBot for scheduling. More info



If you have trips that recur on a schedule, DispatchBot will automatically generate these on any frequency needed. What's more, DispatchBot can automatically schedule them too!

See how NEMT Dispatch increased their efficiency by more than 60% using DispatchBot and TomTom Business Solutions

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Know the projected revenue of a trip before accepting it

Reject trips that are going to cost you money and keep the trips that maximize your business


Automatically calculate revenue estimates based on actual trip data. See how much a trip is worth before performing the trip. Give your team the power to make profit-maximizing decisions in real-time. Revenue is shown prominently on the trip and aggregated for the schedule. Dispatchers can monitor the economics of a schedule to ensure that your business continues to succeed.

Schedule and dispatch in real-time

Schedule intuitively, schedule visually


All schedules are created visually. Your team does not have to wade through huge lists of text, searching for trips and trying to determine where the trip fits. Our visual scheduler presents the entire day on a single board and uses colors to aid the dispatcher in scheduling. More info


Stay on-top of on-time performance

Stop problems before they even start

DispatchBot automatically alerts you of trips that may miss on-time performance contracts; days in advance of you ever performing the trip. With a single mouse-click, dispatchers can correct the problem before it ever becomes one.

DispatchBot automatically keeps track of your on-time performance record by day, week, month or any other time period. You can slice the report by account or driver and gain powerful insights to identify and mitigate issues.

Drivers always know their schedule

Keep the whole team connected.


Paper Itinerary

Drivers can login to their personal DispatchBot account and print-off their itinerary for the day. The itinerary includes all relevant trip information as well as fields for notes and signatures. Don't worry— drivers can only see the trips assigned to them.



Drivers can use their smartphone to automatically receive trip information and navigate to the trip using turn-by-turn direction GPS. The status, time and odometer of the trip is automatically recorded by the driver and captured in DispatchBot. The DispatchBot mobile app also allows drivers to collect digital signatures from passengers. Learn more about DispatchBot mobile



DispatchBot integrates with TomTom's fleet management and connected navigation solution so that you can track your entire fleet in real-time. Updates are automatically pushed to the drivers in the field. Updates from the drivers on the status of jobs are automatically sent back to DispatchBot. Billing and reporting data is recorded as it is completed. Learn more about TomTom WEBFLEET


See your growth in real-time!

DispatchBot provides real-time reporting using your real data. There is no need to wait until the end of the day, week or month to reconcile how your business is performing. DispatchBot allows you to get the right information when you need it so that you can make informed business decisions.

Run reports by driver, vehicle, account or virtually any other facet. DispatchBot provides the number of miles driven vs the original estimates, the time the passenger spent in the car, wait time, revenue and many other metrics. Learn more about DispatchBot's reports.

See how NEMT Dispatch increased their efficiency by more than 60% using DispatchBot and TomTom Business Solutions

Read this case study

Most reliable service in the industry

99.99% uptime service record

Our infrastructure is secure and fault-tolerant. DispatchBot operates on triple redundancy. All systems have at least two backups with automatic failover in case of emergencies. With us, you can rest easy knowing your system will always be online and available.


What our customers are saying

DispatchBot's support team is phenomenal! We have previously used other dispatching software companies only to find poor customer support. But with DispatchBot we have gotten help immediately (even on weekends!) via phone or email. We highly recommend DispatchBot!

Scott Turk, Key Transit

We have much more visibility into what’s going on – from where a particular vehicle is and what the real ETA looks like, to how individual drivers are behaving. The time and costs savings are more than we anticipated.

Scott West, CEO NEMT Solutions

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