BillerBot Overview

BillerBot is a billing module within DispatchBot that can help with a number of billing needs for the NEMT industry.

Automatically calculate revenue

Automate your billing process with BillerBot and QuickBooks Online integration

BillerBot will automatically generate an estimated cost for every trip in DispatchBot. Choose from a variety of billing models, and customize them to fit your exact needs.

Grow your NEMT business with BillerBot

Maximize Revenue

Create à la carte charges for things like wheelchairs or stretchers

Certain types of trips are more specialized, and can command a higher rate. Create custom billing rules, or à la carte charges for wheelchair, stretchers or any other kind of mobility aid.

Export billing data to QuickBooks Online

Save time by exporting to QuickBooks directly from within DispatchBot

BillerBot is able to export your estimate and invoice data to QuickBooks Online, saving your hours of data entry time. From QuickBooks, you can send the invoice off to your customer for payment.

Export invoices to QuickBooks Online

Minimal Setup

Set and forget

BillerBot only needs to be configured once. Enter your custom billing rates, and BillerBot will automatically remember and use these for all future trips. When you win a new contract, simply set it's billing rates at that time.

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