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DispatchBot Feature Roadmap 2017

With your suggestions, we continue to grow.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going is all due to your feedback and suggestions.

With the NEMT industry being our primary market, we are always eager to hear your opinions on features we can add to help you make your job easier. While there are frequent updates always being implemented, we’ve mapped out our three major features that we plan to release and the order in which we plan to release them.

DispatchBot feature roadmap

At this point in time we do not have release dates available, but will work to keep you updated as we progress. Please see below for a little more information in regards to our planned major features.

Offline Mode for Driver Mobile Application

Drivers who frequently visit rural areas, or areas that do not have good cell phone or data coverage, will be happy to hear that the ‘DispatchBot Driver App’ is in development to work offline. Once a driver logs into the app, their schedule will be downloaded, providing them the ability to perform their entire itinerary without cell phone coverage. Upon returning to cell phone coverage, any updates made are automatically pushed back to DispatchBot for up to date record keeping.

This feature has the added benefit that if there are any service disruptions to DispatchBot, drivers will still have full access to their schedule and will be able to continue performing their pick-ups and drop-offs without impact.

Automated Logisticare Integration

Logisticare recently released a new suite of tools that will allow DispatchBot to automatically pull your Logisticare trips into DispatchBot. There will no longer be a need to periodically download and upload Excel spreadsheets. Once Logisticare has assigned you a trip, it will automatically appear in DispatchBot as an unscheduled trip.

This integration will also allow you to review an ‘end of the day’ report for your Logisticare trips and automatically send those back to Logisticare for payment. Once you approve the report, DispatchBot will send all pertinent data such as time, mileages, odometers and digital signatures to Logisticare.

BillerBot 2.0

BillerBot will automatically generate trip cost estimates and track invoices directly within DispatchBot. DispatchBot will be adding a collection of pre-defined billing formulas and the ability to add custom billing formulas so that you can automatically generate invoices. This data will be included in all reports currently provided by DispatchBot so that you can quickly see revenue at a glance. We will also be integrating Quickbooks Online as an option to export invoice data to for payment collection.

We look forward to any questions you may have in regards to these planned releases, but please keep in mind we are not yet able to provide a release date as we continue to create and test these updates. We will certainly keep you up to date when each feature become available.

Have an idea for another feature?

We have also launched a new forum that allows you to more easily request features, and get feedback on their development status. Please see our Feature Request portal to share your thoughts!

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