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DispatchBot Driver Mobile 2.0

DispatchBot is pleased to announce the immediate availability of DispatchBot Driver 2.0. This is a full rewrite of the mobile application; not a single line of code was re-used from the prior version. This new version brings a number of important improvements and performance enhancements.

What’s new?

Performance Enhancements

The mobile app is much faster. Downloading trips, moving between trips, and updating statuses is much quicker.

Improved Offline Mode

Many of our customers operate in areas that have limited network connectivity. This new version brings additional enhancements to the offline capabilities. We’ve fixed a few underlying issues with the prior implementation as well. Drivers can now confidently go offline, complete all the their trips, and the app will transparently sync updates in the background when network becomes available.

Auto-Suggested Odometer Inputs

For those of you who have to input odometer values at each stop, we’ve added capabilities to automatically detect what the value should be. From our field tests, and initial customer feedback, this is working very well. In most cases, drivers simply need to confirm the value and make no changes.

Improved Tracking Capabilities

This update includes better real-time GPS tracking and allows dispatchers to view the real-time location of all their drivers. Tracking will only occur while the driver is on the move, which will preserve battery.

Bug Fixes and Stability

This version of our mobile app has been designed from the ground up to run on a wider variety of devices, meaning it is more stable on older and lesser used device types. We’ve also made it easier for us to troubleshoot and push out updates. In fact, in the two weeks its been released, we’ve pushed seven updates already.

These updates are available now on both the App Store and Play Store. Talk with your drivers and make sure they are using version 2.0.15 or later.

If you like this new update, we hope you’ll leave us a review :) If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact our support team so that we may remedy that for you.

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