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Logisticare Real-time Event Tracking

DispatchBot has released support for Logisticare’s new real-time event tracking system, ATMS V4. This new electronic capability allows Logisticare to see the current status of trips and driver locations, aiding in end user customer support, and facilitating on-demand rider performance improvements.

DispatchBot already supported ATMS V3, which allows Logisticare providers to automatically download trips from Logisticare, and accelerates in payment by allowing you to submit your end of day reports electronically from trip data collected throughout the day.

In many areas, Logisticare is mandating that transportation providers use a dispatching software that is compatible with their ATMS V4 system, and by having this support, you can be sure you are already compliant.

Getting Started

To get started, please contact our support team and ask for this integration to be enabled for your account. Due to some manual approvals that must be collected, we have to enable the feature on request.

How Does It Work?

Once enabled, if the driver has a Logisticare trip in progress, updates made on that trip will be automatically sent to Logisticare in near real-time. This includes:

  • Status changes
  • Time of on route, arrival, pick up, and drop off
  • Location of on route, arrival, pick up, and drop off
  • GPS breadcrumbs while the trip is in progress

You will still have the chance to correct any data when submitting your end of day report.

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