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DispatchBot Academy

Our core mission is to streamline your dispatch operations. We primarily do this by providing software to help you keep your entire operations in sync, at all times. By providing you with maximum visibility, you are able to make more intelligent and informed business decisions.

We’ve been building DispatchBot for nearly a decade now, and we’ve added a lot of really cool features to help businesses streamline their dispatch operations. A lot of transportation companies have seen impressive growth while using our software. However, we have realized that just providing software is not enough to accomplish our mission.

We’ve been talking with our customers and have found that training is a major challenge. We’ve always provided complimentary training on how to dispatch with DispatchBot, but how does one dispatch well? What does a good schedule look like? How can a driver increase their level of service? What metrics should operational managers being paying attention to daily, weekly and monthly?

These are all good questions, and indeed key to running a successful transportation company. That’s why we’ve tapped our decades of inside industry experience and created DispatchBot Academy. This learning center’s objective is to train you on how to be the best dispatcher, driver and/or operations manager; not just how to use DispatchBot.

The advice we have captured here is based off of more than 50 years of combined non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) experience as well as numerous consultations with other NEMT providers. We hope you will use it to improve all aspects of your transportation business.

At this time, we have completed the dispatcher courses. The driver courses will be coming out shortly, followed by the operations manager course.

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