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Using Excel to Quickly Generate Billing Estimates

Generating billing estimates for trips is a critical function for NEMT businesses. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from users of DispatchBot that it would be extremely helpful if DispatchBot could tell a dispatcher how much revenue a trip would generate, so that an estimate could be given to the passenger ahead of time. This is a feature we are aware of and will be incorporating into DispatchBot soon.

In the meantime however, we have developed an Excel workbook to help you generate those estimates in Excel. The workbook prompts the dispatcher for some key trip details, and then uses predefined billing rates to instantly generate an estimate for that trip. The estimate can be exported and saved for record keeping, or even printed and given to the passenger as a receipt.

This work is advanced enough to automatically fetch the estimated driving miles from Google (you can also manually override the estimate).

Checkout the full knowledge-base article to get started with it now.

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