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DispatchBot is now a Logisticare Preferred Partner

DispatchBot is now a preferred integration partner with Logisticare. Using your DispatchBot account, you can automatically sync trip data to and from Logisticare. This means no more manually downloading a spreadsheet, and then uploading to DispatchBot. When Logisticare assigns a trip to you, it will appear in your DispatchBot portal automatically.

This integration should reduce errors caused by delayed download/uploads between the two systems, and help ensure all passengers get to their appointments on time.

The integration takes less than 5 minutes to setup, and thereafter is completely automated. However, your Logisticare account does need approval from Logisticare, which normally takes about 36 hours to complete.

Although downloading trip data from Logisticare is fully automated, when uploading trip data back to Logisticare, you are able to preview the information that DispatchBot will send. This provides a final chance to ensure all data is accurate prior to sending to Logisticare.

We are currently completing the final phase of our beta testing program of this feature with customers. If you are interested in participating in the beta test, please contact our support team. Otherwise, the feature will be available in the next several weeks.

For more information on how to use this feature, please see our online support article.

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