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DispatchBot Driver App now works without a data connection

Some of our users service rural counties, or places that otherwise do not have adequate wireless data connections. This can make it difficult for drivers operating in those areas to electronically collect all trip data, or even keep an electronic manifest on their phone.

The DispatchBot Driver App will now work offline. When the driver signs in for the day, his entire schedule will be downloaded at once. If the driver goes offline while updating a trip, these updates will be stored locally, until a wireless connection is available. Once available, the app will automatically send the data back to DispatchBot so that all reporting can continue as normal.

Cancelations, re-routes and any other changes that the dispatcher makes to a trip will be synced to the driver’s manifest as soon as he is online.

This feature took considerable effort for our engineering team to complete. Much of the mobile application was rewritten to allow this feature to work without the drivers having to do anything on their end. All the syncing takes place transparently and so it should continue to be extremely easy to use.

This feature is available for immediate download on Android (version 1.7.1 or greater), and will be released for iOS soon.

For more information on this feature, please see this support article. For general information on how to use our mobile app, we recommend the DispatchBot Academy site for drivers.

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