NEMTDispatch increases efficiency by more than 60% using DispatchBot and TomTom Business Solutions

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Scott West, CEO, NEMTDispatch

The Company

NEMTDispatch is based in Canyon Lake, California and provides non-emergency medical transportation services for state and county health systems as well as private groups. The company receives hundreds of calls each day and must manage pick-up and drop-off of patients at various appointments throughout the region.

The Challenge

NEMTDispatch manages more than 25 vehicles transporting hundreds of patients daily. In addition to managing the general logistics involved in picking up and dropping off patients on time, the NEMT team must also balance ever-changing schedules, traffic, and other challenges that may arise in the course of the day. Focusing on the patient experience drives NEMT’s focus on superior service. Scott West, NEMTDispatch’s CEO, has tapped the latest technologies to manage the complicated logistics of getting patients where they need to be, and coordinating these schedules.

Implementing the DispatchBot solution, integrated with TomTom WEBFLEET has helped save time on the road and improve the health care delivery process for NEMTDispatch’s patients.

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We’re moving up to 300 patients a day and need to be efficient. We also need to make sure they are safe, so we needed a solution that could help us achieve a level of excellence in both areas. Saving time was the real motivation for this project.

But as we started looking at TomTom’s fleet management capabilities, we saw that we’d be gaining so much more. We have much more visibility into what’s going on – from where a particular vehicle is and what the real ETA looks like, to how individual drivers are behaving. The time and costs savings are more than we anticipated.

Scott West, CEO

The Solution

Planning for a typical day begins up to two weeks in advance, when West and his team begin to route patient pick-ups, assigning each driver about 15 patient transports. The day before the actual pick-up, West and his team update the schedule and route all of the vehicles – all job and routing information are then sent to the TomTom PRO navigation device in each vehicle.

Drivers arrive in the office at 3:30 each morning to review last minute changes – and then get behind the wheel and pull up their schedules.

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According to West, the decision to move to DispatchBot and TomTom WEBFLEET has been a tremendous boost to NEMTDispatch’s business.

We’re far more efficient than we were. We’re approximately 60 percent more efficient on the back-end. We’re no longer manually inputting the same information two or three times. And we’ve taken the guesswork out of dispatching. We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in time on the road for our drivers and definite cost savings for our company.

For West, greater visibility into his operations has also been an important benefit.

TomTom proactively notifies us of what’s going on – taking the guesswork out of the equation. We receive alerts that tell us, for example, that the driver has dropped someone off and his ETA to his net pick-up is 14 minutes. If someone calls to ask when they will be picked up, I don’t have to guess, or call the driver. I can log into TomTom WEBFLEET and get a definitive answer for them.

West also enjoys the ability to see what his drivers are doing. TomTom’s solution alerts fleet managers when a driver speeds or brakes hard, allowing the team to monitor and manage the drivers more closely.

If they know we’re watching, it eliminates those behaviors and our patients have a much safer and more pleasant experience. Yes, it cuts down on fuel and maintenance costs, but the true value is in providing the best experience to our patients.