DispatchBot vs Schedule Viewer's MediRoutes

What is the best non-emergency medical transportation software?

Both Schedule Viewer's MediRoutes and DispatchBot were designed specifically as NEMT dispatch software. Both are cloud-based, making them accessible from any computer device connected to the internet. So which should you choose?

FeatureSchedule ViewerDispatchBot
Integrates with major brokers
Automated Itineraries
Mobile Smartphone Integration
Real-time reporting
Space-type tracking (wheelchair, ambulatory, etc)
Subscription (automatic re-occuring) trips
Digital signature capture
Visual scheduler 
TomTom WEBFLEET Connect 
Advanced searching 
Logisticare Integration
Circulation Integration

Extremely Reliable Service

DispatchBot's infrastructure is designed to be resilient to failures so that you can be rest assured your systems are always up and fully operational. We take daily back-ups and run several back-up servers that instantly take over during a crisis. The system is monitored 24/7/365 and we employ an advanced early warning system to detect and fix problems before they ever occur.

Already a customer of MediRoutes?

Switch to DispatchBot today and we will discount your first year with us by 10%. We will also migrate your data from MediRoutes free of charge. Contact us today to learn more about how easy it is to switch.