Heatmap Scheduling

Heatmap scheduling was created as a direct answer to the question, How can we allow dispatchers the ability to review their schedule in seconds to double check for efficient scheduling?

Heatmap scheduling is a view that assigns a gradient color pattern to your trips. The gradient allows you to quickly recognize whether individual drop-offs will end in the same geographical region as the next pick-up location for a given driver. For example, a driver may begin their day by picking up their first customer in Seattle and staying in Seattle for the remainder of their shift. This ensures efficient use of the driver's time.

DispatchBot heatmap gradients example

In the above example, you can see the first driver picks up a passenger in a blue region, and drops them off in a green region. They stay in the green region to pick up the next passenger, before returning back to the blue region. The second vehicle completes two trips in the purple region, picks up a third passenger in the purple region, and then delivers him to the green region.

By visualizing the schedule using these geographical colors (heatmaps), it is easy for a dispatcher to see if a vehicle or driver is being used inefficiently, or where a pending trip could be scheduled to. Read more about using heatmaps at DispatchBot Academy.

Still Not Convinced?

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