DispatchBot Mobile Application

DispatchBot mobile keeps your drivers and dispatchers in constant communication, even when they may be hundreds of miles away.

Deploy an always-connected fleet with DispatchBot mobile

DispatchBot mobile can be used on any smartphone to give your drivers the ability to see and manage their trips, while at the same time, providing key insights for your dispatcher.


Schedule and dispatch trips to the driver in real-time

Eliminate paper and reduce confusion

The DispatchBot mobile application gives drivers a real-time look at all their trips. Re-routes and will-calls automatically appear on the drivers list without any additional work from the Dispatcher.

Optimized routing

Always take the quickest route

Save time and fuel with optimized navigation. The driver receives turn-by-turn GPS navigation, based on the quickest route in current traffic conditions, to the pick-up or drop-off location.


A real-time look at the status of the trip

Automatically capture status changes and important metrics

As the driver completes the trip, status changes, times and odometers are automatically captured and recorded in DispatchBot. These are instantly visible to the whole team through DispatchBot.

Digital signature capture

Completely eliminate paper

Once the passengers have arrived at their drop-off location, the DispatchBot mobile application optionally prompts for a digital signature. When the passenger signs, the signature is digitally stored in DispatchBot and is viewable by dispatchers and managers for auditing and reporting reasons.


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