A well-reported company is a happy, profitable company. DispatchBot offers a variety of different reporting metrics that works to keep your drivers and dispatchers held accountable for their individual performances. With daily audit reports, driver reports, a broad summary report and a daily recap report, we provide you with all the information you could ever need to accurately judge your on-time performance.

Summary Reports

Generate powerful reports such as the number of trips each vehicle performed over a given period of time. Access reports based on real-time data. No need to wait until the end of the day or week. See projected metrics along-side actual metrics. For example, the number of estimated miles performed versus the number of actual miles driven.

DispatchBot summary report

The summary reports allows you to view the health of your entire operations. From here you can choose to view individual accounts, vehicles, mobility aids, and drivers through any date range, seeing a number of key metrics such as miles driven, or trips performed, etc.

Summary reports may help you identify problem areas you would not have otherwise known about. You may find that a particular account is suffering in terms of on-time performance success. Perhaps a particular driver has a habit of running late, or your wheelchair passengers are not being given enough time. The limits are endless to what you may find.

Daily Audit Report

Our daily audits provide powerful insight into the status of trips for selected days. The purpose of this page is to provide you a quick daily overview to check for accuracy and help identify any last minute schedule changes in need of attention.

If the audit report happens upon an unscheduled trip or one that is otherwise not meeting ideal on-time performance, you will see that trip highlighted in red, allowing you to take corrective action on this trip before it is too late.

DispatchBot daily audit report

Driver Reports

Informative reports on each of your individual drivers are available for your review. View individual days that your drivers were scheduled, their actual time worked and the amount of trips performed each day. See that your drivers have busy scheduled, keeping unscheduled time to a minimum.

DispatchBot driver report

Still Not Convinced?

Remember, with DispatchBot, all reports are accessible as real-time data. When on-time performance is on the line, it’s vital to your success that your reports are available same day and ready for review at a second’s notice. All of our reports are exportable to Excel, Open Office and Google Spreadsheets so that you can customize them as needed.

Still uncertain how DispatchBot can address your specific reporting requests? Click here to schedule a complimentary one-on-one demonstration with a member of our support team.