DispatchBot provides NEMT software for real-time scheduling and dispatching

NEMT providers transport individuals, generally the disabled and elderly, that cannot drive themselves or take a taxi. These companies typically provide additional assistance such as wheelchair or scooter accessibility. Most NEMT providers will work with a broker such as Access2Care, Logisticare, paratransit, Southeastrans and more.

The NEMT industry is becoming more and more competitive. In order to beat the competition, NEMT providers are turning to specialized software to help them solve challenging problems. Problems such as working with a trip broker, knowing how much revenue a trip may generate, eliminating dead head (driver idle time) and many more. DispatchBot was designed to solve these problems in the simplest manner and put you steps ahead of the competition.

Integrate with Trip Brokers

Import from Logisticare trip brokerage Import from Access2Care trip brokerage Import from Southeastrans trip brokerage

DispatchBot can automatically import trip manifests from any broker. DispatchBot already works with a number of brokers such as Logisticare, Paratransit, AMR, Access2Care, MTM, RouteMatch, SoutheastTrans, SyMed and more. We add additional brokers to the system as needed, at no extra charge to you.

Trip data from you broker(s) can be routed and reported just like any other trip. No more manually scheduling data from Excel files!

Automate subscription trips

Let DispatchBot automatically manage recurring trips. Just tell DispatchBot what the recurring cycles are, and the system will automatically generate those trips. If desired, DispatchBot will even automatically schedule them so that you have zero dispatcher overhead to maintain subscription trips.

NEMT software to automatically schedule subscription trips

Manage performance

Each trip is a unique record that has a myriad of statuses and metrics so that you can track the performance of the trip. This data is accessible on a per trip basis, or as a summarized report (by any date range). Easily see how many trips are completed, no-show, canceled, etc.

The system automatically calculates on-time performance and highlights trips that are missing on-time performance requirements so that the dispatcher can take pre-emptive actions.

NEMT software to automatically monitor on-time performance

Intuitive dispatching

DispatchBot was designed to be easy to use. All functions are simple and visual. The workflow is designed around real dispatchers so it matches what you would naturally do. Spend less time training staff or configuring software and spend more time growing your business.