DispatchBot integrates with trips received from your paratransit broker.

DispatchBot imports trips received from local, state and national transportation brokers. Our scheduling software is designed to import trips from many brokers, so dispatchers can focus on the volume, quality of the service, and on-time performance.

Automatically import trips from:

Paratransit is an alternative mode of flexible passenger transportation that does not follow fixed routes or schedules. Paratransit is another term for dial-a-ride, accessible transportation or wheelchair equipped transportation. Many states provide Medicaid and other forms of non-emergency medical transportation through a centralized clearing house. This is known as non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokerage.

Many of our customers receive large numbers of non-emergency medical trips from paratransit brokers. If you are a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider and are receiving trips this way, DispatchBot can automate much of the dispatching operation. Most brokers provide trips in an electronic file, usually a CSV file format, which is uploaded to DispatchBot. As DispatchBot imports the trips, they are paired with existing passenger records. This helps maintain consistent scheduling and reporting. All data is imported and maintained in DispatchBot including mobility aids, trip history, no-shows/cancelations, comments and the confirmation number or name.

As trips are imported they are geo-coded and assigned a color representing a geographic region. This allows dispatchers to schedule trips based on the color representing a town/city or geographic region as defined by the user. For example, all green trips (may be a city boundary or neighborhood) may be assigned to vehicle 1 and all blue trips (dialysis center) may be assigned to vehicle 2.

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