DispatchBot provides access to all your data, in an easily searchable format, at amazing speeds.


Powerful filters

Finding what you need in a pinch can be difficult. Keyword searches are great, but DispatchBot goes beyond by providing you real-time filters. Any search you perform on our system can be further refined until you find exactly what you are looking for. The filters even show you the number of results associated, saving you just a little more time!

Some of the searches you can perform include by account, status, date range, geographical location, passenger, vehicle and many more.


Search across all time

We do not archive your data or impose any kind of limits to the amount of data you can store on our system. A trip that occurred ten years ago is treated the same as a trip that occurred yesterday. All data is included in search results as well as reports.


Let us import data from your old system

Transitioning to a new system can be a headache. To help make the transition as painless as possible, DispatchBot will import the data from your old system for you. Now you can use the same powerful search tools in DispatchBot to search on your old data.