Automatically accept trips through your website

Free your dispatchers from taking trips over the phone or by fax.

ShuttleBot allows your customers to reserve trips with you online. These trips are instantly and automatically reflected in DispatchBot, ready for your team to schedule. ShuttleBot automatically collects all the required information such as name, phone numbers, addresses, time of appointment, mobility aids and more.

Grow your NEMT business with ShuttleBot

Win contracts with nursing homes and hospitals

Grow your business without taking on more staff

ShuttleBot allows you to invite large accounts such as nursing homes and hospitals to reserve trips with you online. Nurses and staff can login to ShuttleBot to request trips on behalf of their patrons. ShuttleBot also lets them see a complete history of trips they have registered with you both in the past and in the future. This frees up time your staff would have to otherwise spend on the phone servicing calls.

"I’m ready for pick up!"

Let passengers tell you when they are ready

ShuttleBot allows passengers to notify you when they are ready for pick up. When a passenger clicks the Ready for Pickup button, the trip is automatically marked Passenger Waiting in DispatchBot, notifying your team to dispatch a driver.

Let passengers notify dispatch from their mobile device

Where’s my ride?

Passengers see the drivers' estimated time of arrival

Once the driver is en route to pick up the passenger, the passenger will see an estimated time of arrival of when the driver will arrive at their pick up location. The passenger can even see the position of the driver on a map! No need for your dispatch team to be answering phone calls about 'Where is my ride?'.

No Setup

Instantly begin accepting trips

There is no setup. Simply activate ShuttleBot from your DispatchBot account. DispatchBot will generate a custom ShuttleBot website which you can link to from your Facebook, company website, or anywhere else.

Begin using ShuttleBot today!

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