By using TomTom WEBFLEET your team will coordinate more effectively which will reduce errors and increase efficiencies.


Track in real time

Give your team a birds-eye view of where everyone is. With TomTom's vehicle tracking solution and DispatchBot your dispatching team will always know exactly where each driver is located. Trip information can be routed to the nearest driver, saving on fuel costs. When a customer inquires about the status of their driver your dispatcher’s will be able to give a confident answer on the exact ETA.


Optimized routes

TomTom is an industry leader in route planning and mapping software. You can be confident that the recommended routes provided to the drivers are optimized for speed, efficiency and will be the best route available. TomTom even incorporates real-time traffic data, routing your drivers around bottlenecks.


Improve safety

Insurance costs are one of the biggest expenses for a transportation company. Hands free communication keeps your drivers’ attention on the road. All trip information is audibly read out (in a variety of languages and accents) to your drivers. Text messages sent from the dispatchers to the drivers can also be read aloud. The TomTom unit also acts as a hands free calling device (when paired with a mobile phone).


Improve fuel efficiency

With fuel costs rising, it is important to be as fuel-efficient as possible. The EcoPlus module from TomTom allows you to track your fuel economy across your entire fleet. Not only that, the unit also gives drivers real-time feedback of how their driving habits may be negatively affecting fuel efficiency.


Replay routes

TomTom WEBFLEET accurately tracks the position of your entire fleet and stores this so that you can report on it later. Use these reports to determine why drivers may have been late to appointments. This also provides a layer of security in the event of an audit. Know where everyone was without relying on memory.