Streamline your dispatch operations with DispatchBot and keep your dispatchers and drivers connected. Show up at the right time, the right place, every time!

Optimize schedules by using our visual scheduler
  • Manage scheduling and dispatching visually
  • Keep the workflow simple and obvious
  • Drag a trip to where you want it on the schedule

Trips are colored by status. A red horizontal bar shows the current time. All trips above the bar should be green (Completed) and all trips below will be yellow (picked up), orange (Driver on Route) or red (Scheduled).

The visual scheduler shows you a real-time view of your entire operation for a selected day.

Generate powerful reports

Access reports based on realtime data, such as the number of trips each vehicle performed over a given period of time or the amount of revenue actually billed to customers. Answer the question, "how much does this job make me?". No need to wait until the end of the day or week.


DispatchBot Integration with TomTom WEBFLEET

Coordinate more effectively, reduce errors and increase efficiencies

Assigned trips are automatically sent to the TomTom PRO navigation device. When drivers complete each stage of the job on the TomTom PRO device, the job status is automatically updated on the board. All information is at your dispatchers fingertips. From the scheduler, the dispatcher can see a complete overview of the trip.

TomTom WEBFLEET provides real-time visibility into the entire mobile workforce, including the estimated time of arrival of each trip.

Real-time Trip Updates

Trips are optimized in DispatchBot and delivered to TomTom PRO navigation devices. Single trip entry eliminates manual entry errors by drivers and improves the efficiency and safety of operations. This also significantly reduces phone calls between your dispatcher and driver. Trips are audibly read out to your drivers. Text messages sent from the dispatchers to the drivers can also be read aloud.

Professional Navigation, Traffic and Estimated Time of Arrival

Drivers accept the job, navigate to their destination and update order statuses to the dispatch board; providing dispatcher’s with real-time visibility of every job. TomTom provides best-in-class routing, voice prompted turn-by-turn instructions and routing around traffic congestion. TomTom PROs also offer Bluetooth hands free calling; keeping your drivers' attention on the road.

Improve Driver Behavior

Active Driver Feedback empowers drivers to adopt a better driving style, encourage self-management and improves safety by presenting live driver behavior feedback on the TomTom PRO. Real-time alerts appear on the screen to indicate driving events and fuel-related concerns. These remind the driver to adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

We increased efficiency by more than 60% using DispatchBot and TomTom Business Solutions.

Scott West
CEO, NEMTDispatch

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